My First Real Doubts

It’s been a while since my last post. Life has definitely gotten the best of me recently. I am both physically and mentally exhausted. Why? Here goes.

First, we have been trying to sell our house for over a year. Not trying hard, but it was listed and not really getting much attention. Recently, we switched agents and within a week we had multiple offers, one of which we accepted. So my house is sold and I have until November 15th to get out. No big deal, except for the fact that I now have to find a place I can rent with my 2 big, aggressive dogs. Not as easy as it sounds.

Second, September starts the busy season at the restaurant. As of writing this post, I have worked 12 straight days with my next day off being sometime in the distant future. This is not helping with my recovery at all. Running longer distances and spending 10 hours a night on my feet is killing me. My feet hurt, knees hurt, ankles hurt…basically if it exists, it hurts.

Between the fatigue and stress, I have actually started to doubt my ability to complete this half marathon next month. How can I possibly expect to continue at this pace? I don’t have an answer for that yet. But there is absolutely no doubt, I am too stubborn to quit. I will finish, come hell or high water. Even if it kills me.

Anyway, sorry for my ranting. Just needed to vent a little to keep myself sane.

Until next time, have a great day.

Post Holiday Catch Up

When did I last post? I think it was Saturday, but the weekend flew by in a blur. I spent it down in Long Beach, New York. What a fun weekend it was.

Saturday was my first day at the beach since July. Having run in the morning, my legs were a bit tired when I hit the sand, but I managed to play a few games of beach football early on. Then, I was introduced to beach volleyball. I don’t know if you have ever played before, but if you haven’t I suggest you try it out. I had so much fun playing, I am now looking to find a league around where I live for next summer.

Sunday was a scheduled rest day. I still got up and went for a long walk on  the beach. I really felt like I needed to stretch out my right calf, so I ran through some of my Kung fu forms, and that seemed to help. After that, got changed and headed back to the sand for some more volleyball. After the beach it was time for a BBQ and some cocktails. Which seemed like a great idea until….Monday.

Monday was a standard hangover day. I didn’t want to run, but knew I had to. I was supposed to run 8 miles, but didn’t feel like it was going to happen. So I set out anyway. Once I got moving, I felt decent. I managed to finish the 8 at a pace a little over 12 minutes per mile. Definitely not my best run, but I was stoked I made it though despite being tired and hungover.

Tuesday was a rest day. Drove home and went to work. I was supposed to post my update pic, but didn’t get around to it.

Today, I feel back to normal. I am back home, and back with my dogs. They were pumped when I woke up this morning and grabbed my shoes. We headed out with a plan to cover 6ish miles. And I think we did. I’m not really sure because I forgot to charge my watch when I got home and as a result it went into power save mode at 1.5 miles and turned the GPS off. It was great to run with the dogs again. I kissed them on Saturday and Monday.

So, in summary, even with the holiday weekend at the beach, I am on  track and feeling good for my half in October. As for the monthly embarassing selfie, here goes.


Above is August 1st.


This one is today. Definitely still have a long way to go, but I am feeling a lot better than before. Definitely motivated.

Until next time, have a great day.

Labor Day Weekend Update

So, it’s Labor Day weekend and I don’t have to work. Why not head to the beach? Couldn’t come up with a good answer to that question so here I am. This will be my only post this weekend, and my September photo will be on the 2nd.

Yesterday, I covered a smooth 6 miles. Paced out at around 12 minutes per mile and felt really solid. No aches, no pains, not out of breath, but man was it hot. The one thing I always forget about running near the beach is there is no shade. Usually, I run through streets lined with tall trees with breaks of light coming through.  Not here. Here it is hot, all the time, everywhere. I miss my dogs when I’m out here too. They are definitely my favorite running buddies, and music just doesn’t motivate me the same way.

Today, I did a little speed work. Ran 3 miles, dropping 15 seconds off per mile. First one was 9:15, the others I am sure you can do the math. Everything feels pretty good. No swelling in the ankle and no soreness in my knees. My lungs were burning for the last half mile, but I guess that’s something that will happen as I increase speed.

Anyway, today is beautiful, and sunny. I am looking forward to going for a nice swim in the ocean.

Until next time, have a great day.

Quick Run, Quick Post

Today was my first speed work day since my ankle injury. It went pretty well, although I don’t think I could have picked a worse day for it. It’s somewhere around 90 degrees and incredibly humid. It was so hot, I decided to leave the dogs at home, a decision they were not happy about. 3 miles in 27 minutes. 9 minute per mile pace. Now, I am hot, tired and ready to relax in my hammock.

Until next time, have a great day.

Back on the Streets

Today I went back to pounding pavement for long distance. It felt amazing. I missed the changing terrain and the shadows as I ran along back roads lined with trees. I covered 7 miles today at just over 75 minutes. Not bad for my first run back on the street.

The ankle I injured held up just fine along the run. My dogs split the distance. I took one for 3.5 miles, passed back by the house, changed dogs and did another 3.5 miles. I wish they could come together, but the distance is too great with the weather in the mid-80s.

I also gained new motivation today in the form of words from a child. I was in the front yard, letting my dog do his thing before we set out when my neighbor’s son asked why I was wearing such funny clothes (had on a neon yellow shirt, with calf compression sleeves to match). I explained that I wear a bright shirt to be more visible to cars on the street during my run. He paused for a second before responding, “You’re fat. Fat people can’t run.” He’s only 5 years old, so clearly I shouldn’t take it personally.  But I couldn’t help but think, “Screw you, you little shit. I’ll show you.”

Those words echoed through my brain when I hit the wall at 6 miles. I pushed, harder than ever, because yes, I can run. And I am going to keep running until I’m not fat anymore too.

Sometimes it’s the little things said in passing by people who don’t know any better that can really light a fire under your ass.

Until next time, have a great day.

Running In Circles

Ok, so not true circles, the track is more of an oval. But today, I was back to running around and around, while getting nowhere. I long for the freedom road running provides. I miss the elevation changes, and the changing shadows along the way.

Today, I ran 4 miles. 16 laps around the same track I once clocked a 20 minute mile on (wasn’t much of a runner in middle school). Nothing exciting to report. Just another rehab run. The ankle felt really sturdy today, which only makes me miss the roads more. Soon…soon.

Until next time, have a great day.